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Committee to explore solution to the ethnic crisis

President Maithripala Sirisena had promised to the Tamil National Alliance to replace immediately, military Governors with civilians and to release the political prisoners. He had alo agreed to form a committee from both sides for reviewing a solution to ethnic conflict. These were agreed when a delegation of the Tamil National Alliance, led by its leader, R. Sampanthan met the President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday.

The President had also agreed to release disseised lands used for commercial and Agricultural purposes immediately and to release lands without security wise importance, in stages. Another committee is to be appointed to review this matter. The president had stated that resettling the people in their own lands, which were disseised by the Army, in the North and Sampur, will be the policy of his Government.

The Government side had said that not only the Governors of North of East but also the Government of the other 7 provinces.  Although the TNA had insisted on appointing Tamil Governors to North and East, it had received no response. But it had been suggested that the names of Palihakara and Ostin Fernado are being considered in this regard, and that TNA will be informed prior to appointing a governor.

The Government had promised to assemble particulars of political prisoners who had been subjected to court procedures, who are being detained without inquiries and those who had been sentenced and to consider about their release very soon.

The Government acceded that a speedy solution should be found to the ethnic problem. It was decided to form a committee to deliberate about this. The Government acceded that a political solution should be found soon for ethnic problem and it was decided to form a committee to deliberate about the political solution to the ethnic problem.

 The TNA insisted that, no portfolios should be allocated to Doughlas, Karuna and  Rishad Bathiudeen, who held portfolios in the Mahindha Rajapakse. The Government and the President assured that, Karuna and Doughlas will not be given portfolios.

 Both sides decided to meet again and discuss these matters after the Pop’s Visit.