Sunday 5 July 2020
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Competition in renovating Lt.Col. Thileepan’s Memorial

Competition in renovating  Lt.Col. Thileepan’s Memorial

In the context of the 12 days commemoration of Thiyagatheepam Lt.Col. Thileepan to be held next month, the Tamil People’s National Front has carried out cleaning at and around the Thileepan Memorial at Nallur yesterday.

The Democratic Militants and the TNA did the cleaning last year and the TNPF has taken a lead in this matter this year.

The Commemoration of ‘Thiyaga Theepam’ Lt. Col. Thileepan, who undertook a total Fasting against the IPKF, with 5 demands, was not held sentimentally after 2005. Last year it was commemorated under the aegis of Democratic Militant’s Party at the memorial in the Nallur rear road. TNA remembered him at the memorial on the Nallur Front Road.

A resolution was passed in the 102nd sitting of the NPC that, the JMC should take over and maintain the memorial.

However, visitors to Nallur Festival said with sorrow that traders have been allocated space around the memorial during the festival and they have used it dry their clothes including underpants and nobody took any notice about it.

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