Tamil Diplomat

Composure needed in statements of responsible officers, insist Pilakudiyiruppu protestors

Responsible officers of the Country should learn the truth and act with composure when making statements. We are badly hurt when they utter something which is injuring our hearts. Nobody is orchestrating our struggle. We are not struggling for politics, said Mrs.S. Kowsalya on behalf of the protestors at Pilakudiyiruppu.

She was referring to Defence Secretary’s statement day before yesterday that there is some political background for the protest and that it is a plot to drive away the Army from the North and that they are not going to give in to the demands of the protesters.

People’s representatives come here to console us. It is heart breaking to hear responsible officers saying that they are behind us. We came here for measurement of our lands on the 31st.They cannot continue to hoodwink us. Our children had not attended school for 9 days now. We will continue our struggle till a fair solution is reached, she said.

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