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Conflict in Provincial Council Meeting & Member Paramsothy to operate separately

When the 35th  sitting of the NPC was in progress, altercations occurred over questions of member Paramsothy. When a question on a fund through UNDP for “Building up peace” was taken up, CM said that replying this question in the open house could cause diplomatical impacts and that answer will be given in the next Ruling party members meeting.

Replying him, Paramsothy said that the ruling party members meetings are not regularly held and to maintain transparency in these matters.

Intervening at this point Agricultural Minister P.Ainkaranesan said that, all ministerial decisions are announced in the house and  he himself had answered several questions of Paramsothy with evidences and that, it seems that Paramsothy is operating as a speaker to somebody else.

Although the leader of the house C.V.K.Sivagnnam and Paramsothy objected calling a member a “speaker of someone else”, the minister did not withdraw his statement.

Following this Paramsothy announced that, from that day itself he will operate separately and will not function as a ruling party member.

It is also notable that, Paramsothy seconded a motion against the CM, tabled at the Central Committee meeting of the ITAK by Sumanthiran.