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Confrontation among Southern students at Jaffna University and 6 southern students arrested by police

Four students were injured ans admitted to Jaffna Teaching Hospital, when a confrontation occurred among Sinhala students studying in the Management faculty of the University of Jaffna. The police arrested 6 Sinhala students for engaging in confrontation.

Some Sinhala Students who are studying in the 3rd year is staying outside the campus and continuing the studies. Some other Sinhala students who are staying in the hostel had come and insisted that the students staying outside to come and stay with them in the hostel.

Following the external student not acceding the request Hostel Students had gone into confrontation in the University playground, it was revealed in the inquiry. The students who had been attacked had made a complaint with the Kopay police. 7 students were summoned to the police station. These 7 students have gone to the house where the 8 students were staying and had attacked them.4 Students were injured and one was admitted in the ICU.

6 students were arrested by the Kopay police and they are conducting inquiries from the students. The arrested students will be produced in courts after inquiries are completed the police said.