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Congress periodical criticises Nehru

A periodical published by India’s main opposition Congress has criticised India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru over his foreign policy moves.The unsigned piece in Congress Darshan said Nehru faltered in his initiatives in Kashmir, China and Tibet.Nehru was a leader of the Congress party and its current vice-president Rahul Gandhi is his great grandson.The editor of the periodical, Sanjay Nirupam, apologised for the article and said he would investigate the matter.

Mr Nirupam, a senior party leader, told the indian  express that he was “not involved in the day-to-day functioning of the magazine and was unaware of the article” “I do not agree with the article. It seems to have been sourced, but I don’t know who the writer is,” he said.Mr Nirupam said “action will be taken against people in the editorial team who are responsible for the mistake”.

Nehru played a central role in the negotiations over Indian independence and finally became the first PM of the country in 1947.Congress won India’s first general elections in 1951-52 under Nehru’s leadership. Much of India’s domestic and foreign policy was based on his ideas in the early years of India’s independence.The article in the latest Hindi edition of the periodical says Nehru should have listened to his deputy prime minister Vallabhai Patel’s views on foreign policy.Independence hero Patel is credited with uniting India’s several princely states as the country’s first home minister.(BBC,2015)