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Consensual Govt must find solution to national question: Dilan

Highways State Minister Dilan Perera has observed that the people expect the present consensual government to find a solution to the national question. Especially the Tamils and Muslims who voted for the government await for a political solution. Time has come for all to rally together and resolve the national question.

He was addressing the House during the Committee stage of the Budget debate. He said: “Political hypocrisy is a root cause of most problems prevailing in the country and it is our duty to banish the political hypocrisy and work towards the betterment of the country.

The ordinary people have no communal feelings and it is the politicians who whip up racial feelings and create troubles. This resulted in the making of ruthless terrorist leaders like Prabhakaran. Now the time has come for all to get together and find a solution to the national question.

It was in response to such concern, that we brought new legislation, Penal Code Amendment Bill. According to this, it will not be possible to denigrate any religion, community or similar groups. All the people, specially the Tamils and Muslims who voted for this government are waiting until a solution to the national problem is found.

They hope that this consensual government can achieve a full stop to communalism and the hypocrisy. Hereafter, the SLFP will not aligned itself with any communalist or extremist political party.