Tamil Diplomat

Consent to release 5 acre land in Naguleswaram/Keerimalai

Defense Ministry has consented to release 5 acre land in Naguleswaram , which was under the Navy Control so far. The Thellipallai Ps circles said thatthe navy had said that the said land will be released to the people in 2 weeks.

The houses which were under the control of the Navy at Naguleswaram are being released stage by stage from last June. 3 acre land and 8 houses were released in two stages and in this third stage, Defense Ministry had consented to release the 5acre land including Venuka Ashramam and attached houses. The Secretary to the DM consented verbally to release this in a meeting held in Palaly last month. Now the permission had been given in writing.

The Security Forces had consented to release the land in 2 weeks after removing the entry posts.

It was also stated that people could go to Chem man Vaikal Cemetery  with  prior information to the Navy.