Tamil Diplomat

A Constitution for Tamils rule themselves will be enacted: assures Sumenthiran

We will create a constitution in which will fulfill the aspirations of Tamil people and the Tamil people could rule themselves, said the TNA’s Jaffna District MP, M.A.Sumanthiran. He was participating in the Pongal Vizha of the TNA held at Devanayagam hall in Batticaloa.

Elaborating further he said that, a question has risen for the creation of a Constitution which will fulfill the aspirations of Tamil People and provide for Tamil people to rule themselves. We do not believe that the solution plan easily. Because of that several opinion have risen among the people. The responsibility of carrying out this program lies with the TNA. The responsibility is that the TNA has to do it.

We have struggled for a solution sacrificing lives. We have sacrificed not only the lives of militants but also the lives of the people. Some people are concerned that we will not be able to reach a solution, even though struggled making sacrifices.

We undertook activities to change the regime because we thought that they eliminate Tamil people and that they will not give a fair solution.We shall create a new Constitution with the support of the world, which will pave the way for the fulfillment of the aspirations of the Tamil people, for the Tamil people to attain the Rights for ruling themselves. This is the bow we are taking in this Pongal Festival, he said.