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Continuing rains inundates roads in the East, several areas and roads submerged in Flood waters

The heavy rains lashing East for the last three days had inundated and submerged several roads and areas. Transport had been badly affected.

The road connecting Kalmunai and Navithanvelly is submerged in flood waters. Two access roads in Thuraivanthiyamedu is slowly going under water.

Heavy rains are being experienced in several DS Divisions including Vaharai, Valaichenai, Kiran Batticaloa, VCavunatheevu, Kattankudy, Arayampathy,Paddiallai, Kaluwanchikudy.

The lands planted with paddy are under water and farmers expressed concern that the seed paddy sowed in the fields had been washed away by flood water.

Almost all of the Coastal areas of Amparai had gone under water and residents had shifted to safe areas.The villages in Thanthamalai area are also affected by heavy flow of flood water from the adjacent forests.

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