Tamil Diplomat

Controversial Buddha statue will be removed in a week, Ranil Promise to Rauff Hakeem

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has promised to the Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and Minister that the controversial Buddha statue which was installed by force in Mayakali Malai, Manickamadu, Irrakkamam of Amparai will be removed within one week.

A meeting was held in the “Temple Trees” between Ranil and Hakeem on last Tuesday and the Prime Minister gave this promise in this meeting, said the media unit of Minister Hakeem.

In this meeting the Minister Hakeem had indicated to the Prime Minister the controversial opinions of Minister Daya Gamage regarding the Buddha Statue and the Prime Minister had requested one week’s time to remove the controversial Statue.

Minister Mano Ganesan also was present in this meeting.