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Controversial well detected in Thiruketheeswaram

The well in which it is alleged that human bodies were buried was detected near the mass grave found in Thiruketheeswaram yesterday (26th).

In a context where the CID was insisting that no well existed in the said site, and only a cemetery was   there, this well in concrete construction had been detected it is said.

Following the detection   of this well, the Mannar Magistrate A.G.Alexrajah ordered security for the well  and to arrange for an alternate road for the road passing through the area.

Attorneys appearing for the affected people had submitted a survey plan showing a plan in the controversial site, and insisted that experts be call into the case and the already recovered remains which are kept at Anuradhapura Hospital should be protected.

The well being discovered at the exact spot while CID was denying the existence of the well is considered a turning point in this case.

Mannar well