Monday 3 August 2020
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Corona positive in one Colombo person quarantine at Palaly

Corona positive in one Colombo person quarantine at Palaly

In the PCR Tests carried out in the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, one was confirmed of corona infection, said the Director of Teachin Hospital, Dr. T.Sathiyamoorthy. He further said that a person who had been brought from Colombo on suspicion of being infected with Corona was detected positive of Corona infection.

Blood samples collected from 68 persons were tested day before yesterday. 23 of these were from persons brought from Colombo risk zone.One of these was detected to be infected by Corona. All 67 others were declared negative in the tests, he said.

One thought on “Corona positive in one Colombo person quarantine at Palaly

  1. Kumarathasan Rasingam

    This is another plot to wipe out the Tamils. This is a act of genocide under UN Convention – wipe out a group or society] There are so many places like the Mattle Airport and other empty buildings and spaced in the South. Why they are bringing the Covid-19 suspects to Jaffna a densely populated city. The unterior motive is to wipe out the Tamils. Already the Tamils are under the Army of occupation and bringing more and more to Jaffna the people will object and our Tamil Politicians are spineless, toothless greedy powerhungry leaders always supporting the Government for their own benefits and gains.


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