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The country will not split by implementing powers of the Provincial Council, says CM, EP

Vimal Weerawansa had said that if the Provincial councils are granted powers, the country will be split. This is not correct. In the context of the land powers being granted under the 13th amendments,  granting the power already existing will not amount to splitting the country, said the CM of Eastern Province, Habees Nasser Ahamed.

When he said this he was addressing the people participating in the distribution electronic equipment to schools in Eravoor in Batticaloa District, held at the Al Jubreea School hall presided by the the Actg. Divisional Educational officer, Ripka Pan. Following the regime change, a conducive period had dawned to find a solution to the problems of the minorities, through the new constitution. But some people are engaged in disturbing that process through creating inter-racial tension.

It is the position of the President and the PM, are in a clear stance that proper solution should be made available to the minorities. Laws should be enacted to ban racism. Even after end of the 30 years long war,  the government has an obligation to eliminate predominant mentality  of oppressing the minorities,  prevailing in the country, and action should be taken for the minorities to live in peace. Else the foreign countries will hesitate to invest here. This will create economic crisis in the country, and 70% Majority will be affected by it, he said.