Tuesday 22 May 2018
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Court rejects plea by police to ban protest in front of Army Camp at Keppapulavu

Court rejects plea by police to ban protest in front of Army Camp at Keppapulavu

Mulaitheevu Magistrate Court yesterday rejected a plea by Mulaitheevu police to order the struggle undertaken by the people in front of Mulaitjeevu Army HQ be shifted to another place. The Magistrate gave permission to the conduct the struggle without disturbance.

The people have engaged in a non-violent campaign in front of Mulaitheevu Army HQ, demanding the Army be removed their ancestral lands and release the lands to the people.

Mulaitheevu police filed a case on Tuesday saying that peace may be disturbed by the people undertaking n a struggle in front of Muliatheevu Army HQ and pleaded to order the people to go 200 Meters away from the camp and undertake the struggle. When this came before Magistrate M.S.M Samsudeen, yesterday, after studying the plea the courts summoned the OIC of the camp, and he presented himself and recorded his testimony.

The people were summoned the struggling people, who appeared through their AAL, V.Thirukumran assisted by all AsAL of Mullaithevu and presented their arguments:

The Right to demonstrate and undertaking non-violent struggles, and the right to demonstrate their opposition through peaceful means had been guaranteed in the Constitution. Demonstrating is a Right of the people. The people who are on this continuous struggle are not hindering traffic on the road, or hindering Military transports, or undertaking the struggle in front of the Army camp gate.

After studying the arguments of both parties the judge ordered that the people can conduct their struggle peacefully without blocking the traffic and adjourned the case to next 30th.

The People are on their struggle for the 16th day yesterday.

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