Tuesday 2 June 2020
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Courts proceeding re-start after several years on Muthur Masacre

Courts proceeding re-start after several years on Muthur Masacre

The courts proceeding on Massacre in Kumarapuram in Muthur has been recommenced after several years in the Anuradhapura High Court , in front of Jurors.

This massacre which happened 20 years ago is  known as “Kumarapuram Massacre.”

In this massacre which was committed in the night of 1966 February 11th, 26 Tamils, including women and children were massacred. 39 were injured.

Drunk Army soldiers , entered the village and shot dead the above people. When the initial hearing were held Muthur Courts, the witnesses identified 8 soldiers  serving in Thehiyatta as the perpetrators. Because of the war situation this case was transferred to Anuradhapura High Courts.121 witnesses including eye-witnesses and people of the Civil society had been cited by the police. Although 20 persons are called for the current trail only 16 were present , the other four had expired. 2 of the accused army soldiers also had died and 6 faced the trial.

A woman who testified on the first day, identified one of the accused the person who shot dead her husband.

All six accused, who were released on bail earlier had been  remanded on orders from Court.

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