Monday 24 February 2020
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Cricket Tournament in Jaffna incorporating teams from North and East

Cricket Tournament in Jaffna incorporating teams from North and East

Jaffna District Schools Cricket Association and the Tamil Cricket League of Britain have teamed up to conduct for the 2nd time, A cricket tournament for the under 19 teams of Schools of North and East, titled Cricket Bash – 2018.

The Matches of this tournament will start from 28th Tuesday and extend up-to 1st September 2018 at the grounds of, Vaddukoddai Jaffna College, St. Patrick’s College, and Jaffna Central college.

In the current series 10 teams from Jaffna District, 5 from Batticaloa, 3 from Kilinochchi, and one each from, Mannar and Trincomalee.

The teams have been divided into 4 groups and the first round of matches is to be held on a league basis. Two teams from each group will qualify for the Quarter finals. Semi Finals and Finals will be held at Jaffna  St. Patrick’s College and St John’s College.

Group A – Baticaloa Methodist Central College, Kilinochchi MV, Scanthavarodaya College and  Jaffna Central College. Venue: Jaffna College Grounds.

Group B – Batticaloa Hindu College, Kilinochchi MMV, Jaffna Hindu college,Trincomalee Koneswara   Hindu college and Thelipallai Mahajana XCollege. Venue: St Patrick’s College Grounds.

Group C- Batticaloa St. Michael’s College, Mannar Sithyvinayagar Hindu college, Manipay Hindu college and St. Patrick’s College. Venue: St. John’s College Grounds.

Group D – Batticaloa Sivanantha National college, Kilinochchi Hindu college, Vaddukkodai Jaffna College, Batticaloa Kaluthawalai MV and St. John’s College. Venue: Jaffna Central College Grounds.

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