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CTB bus – tourist bus in Terrible accident in Chavakacheri 11 dead 12 seriously injured

A CTB Bus and a Hi-Ace tourist van from the south were involved in a head-on collision which left 11 Sinhalese people 7 males and 4 females were killed on the spot and 12 others injured.

The accident had occurred at 1 p.m. yesterday near the Sangaththanai Railway station.

A CTB bus was travelling from Jaffna Bus stand with around 35 passengers towards Vavuniya. When this bus was nearing Sangaththanai, a tourist bus from Mathambai in Chilaw which was travelling from the opposite side 14 passengers had collided head on with it. The van had disintegrated in the collision killing 10 travelling in it. 4 from the van and 8 from CTB bus were injured and admitted to Chavakacheri hospital and 6 of them were transferred to Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

Excitement prevailed along Chavakachcheri Road filled with sirens of ambulances. The people living in the area got together in helping the Sinhalese in the van.

The driver of the CTB when contacted said that he had stopped the bus on seeing the van staggering on the path, but it suddenly veered into the bus in a head on collision. The actual reasons for the accident had not been found out. Police are making further inquiries.

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