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Curtail the Diplomatic Visa of ‘throat slashing’ Brigadier, Tamil Organizations jointly insist British Government

Tamil Organizations of Britain operating from Britain have insisted with the British Government to curtail the Diplomatic Visa of Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, who had allegedly threatened with a throat slashing gesture, the Tamil People who demonstrated in front of the Sri Lankan Embassy in London during the Independence Day celebrations.

These Tamil Organizations have sent a letter with relevant particulars to British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson and the British Home Minister Amber Rudd including British Branch of TNA, Tamils for Conservative Party, Tamils for Labour Party, and Global Tamil Forum (GTF) jointly have raised this demand.

It has been demanded in this memorandum to curtail the Diplomatic Visa of Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, to declare that he is not welcome in Britain, to arrest him under domestic laws and subject him to Criminal Procedure and to investigate him for the alleged war crimes he had perpetrated in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile attempts are also have been made to take action against the Brigadier through the court.

It is notable that, although the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry had announced that the Brigadier is being suspended till a proper inquiry could be held against him, on the basis of his misdeeds,  because of the intervention of  the President he was immediately taken back into the service. It is suggested that it would have become necessary for the Sri Lanka Government to take the Brigadier back into service and provide Diplomatic immunity to him,  in order  to protect the Brigadier from the legal actions taken by the Tamil Organizations.  Several Attorneys at Law including Arun Gananathan and Legal experts are jointly undertaking legal actions against the brigadier.

In the context of pressures and legal actions are on the increase, the Sri Lankan Government may call back the Brigadier to the country, it is learnt.

Full text of the letter is available below:

 [gview file=”http://tamildiplomat.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Request-by-Diaspora-Organisations-Final-4-1-1.pdf”]