Tamil Diplomat

Cyclone Nada loose strength and disperse. 1 dead, 4 missing, houses damaged and trees uprooted

The Nada Cyclone which originated in Bay of Bengal due to depression had affected the Jaffna peninsula; Strong winds prevailed with unprecedented cold weather.

As prior warning was given on the cyclone, people were largely home bound. However one government servant, Sachchithananthan Kajanthan (Aged 30) from Sappachchimavadi, Chavakacheri lost his life due to an uprooted tree falling on him while travelling to his office on his motor cycle. 4 fishermen had gone missing while engaging in fishing. 2houses were completely damaged and 22 houses were partially damaged. 159 people from 59 families in Jaffna and 57 persons from 22 families in Kilinochchi  were affected by inclement weather. Plantain trees and papaya trees were broken down and several other trees were uprooted.