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D.K.Ravi’ s case details and strong proofs that it’s a murder

The following points establish why D.K.Ravi’s death can be considered a murder.
1. What blackmailing CD was making D.K.RAVI worrying for 3 to 4 days that he did not tell the contents of the CD to anyone.

2. Why did D.K.RAVI come to his house at 11.30am to meet someone at home and not in his office.

3. Who were the 3 men who entered the St. Johns Wood Apartments at 12.30 pm.

4. Why did the 3 men not come in a car.

5. Why did the 3 men in a formal wear with a tie with 3 briefcases did not enter their name and mobile no with the security guard.

6. As soon as the door was opened by D.K.RAVI wife, why was everyone allowed inside so quickly and steal the evidences.

7. Why was D.K.RAVI shirt tucked in so neatly with his sleeves buttoned while he was hanging as there was no form of struggle seen in his dress

8. Why did the police said that there was a death note in the beginning and later said that there was no death note.

9. Why was the ceiling fan not bent or damaged.

10. Why was the noose around his neck tied to D.K.RAVI left side and not the right side.

11. Why is the file missing in which D.K.RAVI had prepared a complete detailed report against Embassy Golf Links where the Embassy Group had encroached 39,633 sq feet of defence land in domlur where he was about to raid the Embassy Group the very next day.

12. Why did K.J.George and Rama Linga Reddy came rushing to see D.K.RAVI dead.

13. Why did Police Commissioner M.N.Reddi and K.J.George declare that is was a suicide before the investigation took place.

14. To which lady did D.K.RAVI make the last phone call before his death.

15. Why did Kolar MLA Varthur Prakash and Kolar Land Don Narayana Swamy distribute sweets after D.K.RAVI death.

16. Why did Confident Real Estate Group Senior Executive came to condole D.K.RAVI

17. Why did Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Health Minister Khader visit the Victoria Hospital when the post mortem was going on.

18. Why is D.K.RAVI 2 cell phones, 1 laptop and 1 I pad still not given to the cybercrime department for scrutiny.

19. Why the government does not want a CBI probe into the incident.

20. Why is the post mortem report still not come even after 4 days.

21. Why are the CCTV footage of the apartment not scrutinised.

For a person who got 200 cores to the got, got a nice reward for the work he did.

If at all D.K.RAVI knew that this would be the case he would have never done his IAS

D.K.RAVI father once said in 2009 when D.K.RAVI passed the UPSC Exam at  34th Rank, why do you require all such postings, let us do some farming and live the life like how we are doing it