Tamil Diplomat

The day that destined the confrontation with the IPKF

The year was 1987. The fateful day was October 3rd.   “Kadal Pura” (Sea pigeon), the famous sea craft belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was chopping on the waves of the sea off point Pedro shores. It was carrying 14 members of the LTTE including LTTE’s Trincomalee Commander, Pulenthiran, who was nightmare to Sri Lankan Forces in Trincomalee, Batticaloa Commander Kumarappa,  Abthulla, Ragu, Nalan, Anpalakan, Reginold, Karan, Anathakumar,Mires, Palany and Thavakumar, un-armed.

Sri Lankan Navy intercepted the Boat and against all the assurances given by India, the 14 tigers were arrested and were taken to Palaly Army Camp. In gross violation of Indian promises, arrangements were made by the Sri Lankan Government to transfer theses militants to Colombo for inquiries.

After all attempts by LTTE’s high command to get them released, as per the traditions of the LTTE, all 14 of them consumed Cyanide. Although 2 were saved by medical treatment, above 12 sacrificed their life for the welfare of the Tamil people due to the joint intrigue by Indian and Sri Lankan Governments.The two commanders had entered wedlock only a few days before the incident.

Fire consumed their Martyr- bodies at Theeruvil esplanade .

Tamil Eelam was grieved beyond all limits by the losses of Thileepan and the above heroes within a short span of time, both losses occurring due to the  merciless approach of the Indian Government.