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Day dreams of the opposition will not be realized. Release TPPs immediately: Wijekala Maheswaran

The opposition is trying to change the minds of Sinhalese, by protesting the release of TPPS. This day dream their will never be realized.

Consequent to the fast unto death of the TPPs, it was decided to grant bail for some. But, the relatives inform me that some mulling is taking place in this.  The  opposition is trying to attract the minds of Sinhala people by protesting the release of TPPs. The Security risk which had not materialized by releasing 12,000 LTTEers   will not materialize by releasing 217 TPPs. Also they should remember thousands released in the South on General Amnesty. Hence the TPPs should be released as per the pledges made by the government and that should done with speed, she said.

She was speaking in Parliament during the Budget debate.