Tamil Diplomat

Day of Mourning for people killed in Cheddikulam by the Army on December 02nd 

A resolution tabled by the TNPF in the Venkalacheddi kulam PS, to observe December 02nd as a day of mourning was adopted by the Pradeshiya Sabha.

On 1984 December 02nd ,  Tamil people from Cheddikulam and adjacent areas were abducted and murdered by Sri Lankan Army.

Tabling the resolution the TNPF member stated that on the 2nd December, a curfew order was proclaimed by the chauvinist government and the Sri Lankan Army and Home Guards broke into our houses abducted 52 Tamils from their homes and barbarously killed them. They also damaged houses and other properties. This incident forced several people to displace locally and to migrate out. This also was the main reason for the decline of the economy of our area.

Although 35 years have passed no inquiry has been held nor any justice delivered. He the PS should declare December 02nd as a  day of mourning and all businesses should fly black flags to observe this day of mourning.

 The PS adopted the resolution unanimously.