Tuesday 7 July 2020
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A day to remember ‘Thiyagi’ Sivakumaran falls on today

A day to remember ‘Thiyagi’ Sivakumaran falls on today

The ‘Sinhala only’ Act enacted in 1956 by the Sri Lanka Government and the well orchestrated Standardization Act enacted in 1971, against the education of Tamil students,  publicly drummed out that the  Tamils are being excluded ethnically by Majority Sinhala governments.

The threshold of the struggles of the Tamil youth, against the Governments, was these two Acts. Particularly,  Tamil Students council ( Thamizh Manavar Peravai) was formed in 1971, Tamil students were brought together and a protest Rally of the students was held in Jaffna for the first time.

The sacrifice filled history of ‘Thiyagi’ Sivakuamaran starts with the coordinating of this struggle, the first initiation of the youth uprising.

Thereafter, he was an eye witness of the cold blooded murder of 11 innocent Tamils  by police shooting and that made him commence his attacks on members of the Police Force.

Being searched for by the police, he was rounded up on 5th June 1974, while preparing for an important attack. Determined that he should not get caught alive, he  bit the cyanide capsule he used to carry always and became the first ever Porazhi to kill himself to avoid being arrested by security  forces.

From that moment onwards the liberation struggle grew to unprecedented dimension and he gained himself the glory of being the first ever porazhi to kill himself in action by consuming cyanide, which became the icon of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam later.

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