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Deadline till week end to Government by TNA to release Political Prisoners : Sumanthiran

We have given a dead line to the government to release the Tamil Political Prisoners. If no action is taken by that time, we will rally people and undertake struggles to release them, said Sumanthiran the Official spokesman of the TNA.

TNA MP, Sumanthiran and NPC members, Asmin and Sayanthan met the fasting prisoners and they had pointed out that they have undergone prison terms more than any  jail terms  that could have been passed on them and expressed their will to continue their fast till they are released unconditionally.

Sumanthiran commented later that their stand is justified and that he contacted the PM and he had said that Attorney General Department had not replied for several months despite him calling for a report on this matter. He had asked the PM to consider releasing them before anything bad happening and the PM had assured to see what could be done about this matter.