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Deadly Shell Strike As Ukrainians Queue For Aid

At least six people have been killed after shells hit a cultural centre and a trolleybus in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. People had been queuing for aid outside the cultural centre in the centre of the city when two artillery shells struck, witnesses said.

Sky’s Katie Stallard, reporting from the scene in Donetsk, said: “We’ve just seen a man’s body taken out of a car, he was killed as he sat in the driver’s seat. “We can see a bus driving away now with all five bodies inside.

“You can see from the faces of the people here how shocking this is.” Pictures from outside the cultural centre showed vehicles with their windows blown out and the body punctured by shrapnel. The tops of nearby trees had been blown off by the force of the blast.

The victims appeared to be dressed in civilian clothing. The sixth victim was seen by a Reuters cameraman near the damaged trolleybus elsewhere in the city. It was not immediately clear if the shells were fired by government troops or pro-Russian separatists.

The past week has seen some of the heaviest fighting in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire was agreed five months ago. More than 5,000 have died since the pro-Russian separatists declared their own “People’s Republics” in the region last April.