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Deadly testimony from Chandrakanthan: LTTE ers surrendering with White flags given tea by the Army, and then shot dead (Video)

Former Member of Parliament of the TNA Chandra Nehru Chandrakanthan had stated that the Sri Lankan Army gave tea to the members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam who surrendered with white flags during the final battles and then shot them dead.

Hundreds of militants including Leader of the LTTE’s Political wing, P.Nadesan,and Head of LTTE peace secretariat S.Pulithevan surrendered to the Army holding white flags in the morning of  18th May 2009, the final day of the final battles. But the Army shot them dead, he had stated.

He was participating in the Sakthi TV’s special programme ‘Minnal’ telecast on Sunday, when he shared his experiences of the tense final minutes of the final battles. When the senior members of the LTTE surrendered to the Army on 18th May 2009, Chandrakanthan had functioned as the communication facilitator between the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers.

On the last stages of the last battles, when the LTTE decided to silence their weapons, they gave the responsibility of informing that to the International community and the Sri Lankan Government to him through Nadesan, Chandrakanthan had told.

He had also told that, in this conjuncture he worked hard to surrender who were left of the LTTE and general public to the Army without life losses.

Elaborating further Chandrakanthan said he contacted Basil Rajapakse, the younger brother of Mahindha Rajapakse, and talked about this matter and then, the then President Mahindha Rajapakse contacted him at around 6.10 in the morning of 18th May and  gave him the guarantee of life for the persons who would surrender. During this conversation Mahindha had told him, that the Sri Lankan Army is a disciplined Army, that he is welcoming the surrender of the LTTE , that he is accepting the surrender of the LTTEers and requested him (Chandrakanthan) to inform the same to the Tigers.

He said, that President also asked him, how many are to surrender and that he told him that as per the information from the LTTE , around 3,000 militants and around  22,000 general public were to surrender. But he told me that he cannot permit me to go to the location of the surrender.

According to this, he informed Nadesan regarding President’s message and Nadesan asked back what the President had said and confirmed the message. At this time he also gave Nadesan the Telephone number of Basil Rajapakse, said Chandrakanthan.

Chandrakanthan said that, at around 6.15 Basil Rajapakse contacted him and asked whether the message had been sent to the LTTE and that he replied Basil that the LTTEers will surrender with white flags and Nadesan contacted him around 6.25 and told “we are going”. These are the last words from Nadesan, he said.

He further told that with no information coming in, he contacted the then UNP MP, Johnston Fernando who was staying in the front wing at Mathiwela and told him what had happened and he in turn contacted an Army officer known to him and who was at that time in the front lines,  to be told that the surrendees were called in, given tea and shot dead.

He accused the Army of killing the LTTEers who surrendered believing the life-guarantee of the president.

See below the video clips of the Interview.

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