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Deaths of our comrades depend on the reply of president, says released TPP

If the reply to be given today by the President today, death will be the final alternative of our comrades , said released TPPs yesterday.

All the successive governments which came to power during the last 67 years adopted a strategy of giving promises and then cheating us.   This government which came to power on the votes of the Tamil people , had not come forward to give a just solution in the matter of TPPs who are closing on to the brink of death.TNA had cheated us. What is their objective in cheating the TPPs and maintaining a cordial relationship with GOSL? they asked.

If something untoward happens in the Prison, TNA will have to bear all the responsibilities. We ready to face any problem caused by attending this media conference. We may be arrested on fabricated charges, the bail may be revoked, or we may be jailed again, but we are ready to do anything for our comrades, they further said.