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Decision to cultivate paddy in 11,283 acre under 12 tanks in Vavunikulam

The Statistics of Vavunikulam Irrigation Department say that during the 2016/2017 Yala Season (Kala Pokam) around 11,283 acres of lands are to be brought into paddy cultivation, under 12 Tanks, in Vavunikulam area.

This decision was taken in the meeting held to discuss Yala paddy cultivation, 0n 18th and 19th  presided by the Additional Government S.Pranavanathan, who participated as the representative of the GA.

6,060 acre under Vavunikulam, 450 acre under Koddaikaddiyakulam, 623 acre under Ampalapperumal kulam,  450 acre under Maruthankulam, 450 acre under Puthuvedduvan kulam, 850 acre under Thenniyankulam, 325 acre under Mallavi tank, 400 acre under Kalvilankulam, 300 acre under Panankkamam kulam, 262 acre under Kollavilankulam, 952 acre under Iyankankulam, 300 acre under Therankandalkulam, and 356 acre under Palaya Murukandykula are to be brought under cultivation.

The farmers have to plant 3 to 3 ½  month varieties.