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Decision for sending some TPPs to rehabilitation: Minister D.M.Swamynathan

The Attorney General had agreed to take action to reduce charges filed on some Tamil Political Prisoners and subject them to Rehabilitation, said the Minister of Rehabilitation, D.M.Swamynathan.

He was answering questions of MP, Doughlas Devananda , under the statutory order 23/2, on Thursday.

Action will be taken in conjunction with the Attorney General Department to expedite the cases of the TPPs, he said.

A separate, State Attorney had been appointed on behalf of the Attorney General Department and we will work with him by providing necessary documents he said.

“I met the Attorney General on the 10th along with Ministers Wijeyadasa Rajapakse and Ravub Hakeem.

I requested that cases filed against 90 people under PTA be expedited. At that time he promised that a report will be submitted before September 15th and action will be taken to reduce the charges and to expedite the cases of people who could be released.

Earlier when the Attorney General Department agreed to release them to rehabilitation, the attorneys of the TPPs did not agree to it. They should at least agree this time so that the accused could be released in a year.” he said.