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Decision taken to establish Economic Centre in Omanthai

In the Vavuniya district  Coordination Committee meeting after several conflicts of ideas, it was decided to set up the Economic Centre to be set up in Vavuniya District  at Omanthai.

Heated Arguments occurred between  Vanni MPs, Selvam Adaikalanathan, Sivasakthy Ananthan and Minster Rishad Badi – ud-deen and Northern Transport Minister P.Deneeswaran and member Jeyathileke.

Finally, Minister Badi-ud-ddeen said that if all give in writing, he accept the decision for setting up the Centre in Omanthai. After this, MPs, Adaikalanathan, Ananthan,Sivamohan, Nirmalanathan Musthan, Minister P.Sathiyalingam and  members Thiyagarasa , Linganathan and Mayuran gave the request in writing.

Thereupon, a decision was arrived to locate the Economic Centre in Omanthai and Actg. CM, Kurukularajah said that he will bring this to the notice of CM.