Saturday 15 August 2020
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The decisions of Jaffna Coordinating Committee Meeting

The decisions of Jaffna Coordinating Committee Meeting

The Jaffna District Coordinating Committee meeting was held in the Auditorium of the Jaffna District Secretariat yesterday.  Some of the decisions taken at this meeting are given below:

1.Priority to Tamil Language in Sign Boards.

It is compulsory that Tamil Language be given priority in sign board put up in Tamil areas.
Earlier MP, Sritharan requested that along with the priority pure Tamil names be used in the sign boards.

Minister of Education Sarweswaran said a resolution to give priority to Tamil Language was adopted in the Provincial council, but it was not implemented. Army, RDA and other people are making the Boards to suit their respective wishes. Tamil should be given priority and with Tamil – Sinhal – English language order. This should be brought to an order, he said. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

2. Maveerar Thuyillumillams shoulde be maintained by Pradeshiya Sabais.

Speaking on this resolution tabled by MP, Sritharan, the Local Government official said that some of these Thuyillumillams are occupied  by the Army and some belong to private people. The private lands should be acquired before maintaining them.A request that the Thuyillumillams be converted to Botanical gardens and maintained was also made in the meeting. The proposal was accepted and adopted as a decision.

3.Absorb former Sea Tigers into maritime services.

There is a shortage of trained sailors and the Navy is having these services under it. There are many former Sea Tigers who are well versed in sailing. They must be absorbed into maritime services through Ocean University and provide employment to them, said MP Sritharan while proposing the motion.

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