Tamil Diplomat

Deepavali symbolizes victory rigteouness over malevolence: President

President Maithripala Sirisena has observed that Deepavali is significant to all communities for it symbolizes victory of righteousness over evil. He made this observation in his Deepavali Message. He said: “Deepavali is celebrated in a grand manner by the Hindus throughout the world and it also has significance to the other communities as it symbolizes the victory of righteousness over malevolence.

 “The eternal truth we see in this Festival of Lights is that since ancient times the human civilization had an ardent desire to make the world a better place.

“Just as lighting a lamp eliminates the darkness, may the light of Deepavali lighten up the hearts of all individuals with collective yearning for reconciliation and may that be the common wish of every human being belonging to all civilizations. “The illuminated Aloka Puja emphasizes the basic fact that solidarity without divisions is an essential precondition for the sustenance of the world.

“The human evolution has progressed positively up to date through these virtuous values and customs. It is important to take forward the celebrations such as Deepavali, with their, upright moral values as they eternally purify the hearts of humans. “I wish all the Hindus in Sri Lanka a joyful Deepavali celebration that illuminates the hearts with devotion.”