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“I had deeply hurt Jayalalitha “- Rajinikanth

The Nadigar Sangam conducted a condolence meeting for the death of former Chief Minister and yesteryear film star J.Jayalalitha and actor and political critic Cho Ramaswamy who passed away last week. Thousands of members participated in the event marked to pay homage to the most admired iconic leader of the state.After many years Superstar Rajinikanth participated in an event organized by the Nadigar Sangam and this was a surprise to everyone. However, this would be no surprise to those who know that he shared a great friendship with both the departed souls.

Rajinikanth also spoke at length about Jayalalitha in which his admiration for the six times Chief Minister of the state was evident.

“During election time (1996) I had criticized the Puratchi Thalaivi’s rule which ended up hurting her. I was the main reason for her defeat in that election. But she set aside all bitterness and attended the wedding of my daughter Aishwarya at my residence in Poes Garden.  She even postponed the wedding of her party member that happened on the same day. She possessed such a golden heart. She faced a lot of struggles and suppression from the male-dominated society and turned out to be a polished diamond. After her death, crores and crores of her cadres and people have washed her with tears and made her sleep like a Kohinoor diamond in Marina near the Puratchi Thalaivar. In these seven days after her death, lakhs and lakhs of people have visited her memorial. This is not possible for a normal human. This is certainly divine power.”