Tamil Diplomat

Deliberate destruction of wells by Army, had filled up the wells they were using in Valalai: says returned re-settlers

The people of Valalai said with sorrow that, the Army had filled up the wells they were using prior handing over lands to the people.

A part of the Valalai village which was under the control of the Army for nearly 25 years were handed over the lands to the people. The destruction of the wells came to light when people cleared their lands following the handing over by the Army.

One re-settler said that the Army had cultivated bananas in his land and one person from his village  used to go there to pump water until recently and he had told him the well in good condition until recently and that they have demolished my house already.

Several well like this are filled up with debris. The re-settlers are afraid to clear the wells due to fear of UXOs that could be in them. Earlier, some residents said that their houses had been demolished just prior to handing over the lands.

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