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Demonstration in Jaffna insisting, resettlement in Kepapulavu and Vali North

A demonstration pledging support to resettlement of Kepapulavu and Vali-North was held today in Jaffna Town with the participation of southern brethren.

The National Fishermen Cooperation Society and Rural Workers Society have jointly arranged for the demonstration. This was a demonstration without any party affiliation said the Secretary of The National Fishermen Cooperation Society, S.Inpam.

Slogans were shouted based on the following:

* The lands of Kepapilavu people should be handed over to them without delay and conditions.

* When is the resettlement of Vali –North people?

* What is the fate of the people made to disappear?

* When is the release of Political Prisoners?

* Tha lands of the people belong to the people! Army! get out!

The people have been abandoned by the politicians and the Good Governance Government. Hence we call upon all factions to support this demonstration for the people, he said.

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