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Departing Northern Governor says He did his best for the Province

The departing Northern Province Governor, Maj.Gen. (Retd) G. A. Chandrasiri, in his farewell message, said that he had done his best, since he assumed duties as the first Governor of the Northern Province in 2009, to rebuild the war-torn Province and leaves office with the highest satisfaction that he had done a good job to strengthen peace and reconciliation.

G. A. Chandrasiri resigned from his post as Governor of the Northern Province to make way for former diplomat H. M. G. S. Palihakkara to take over as Governor.The departing message of former Governor Chnadrasiri: “I took over the governance of the Province during a difficult period and did my best to rebuild the Northern Province with the assistance of the Government and Provincial Council Officials of this Province.

During my tenure as Governor of Northern Province, I focused more on Education, Health, Sports and Reconstruction sectors and brought about considerable improvement in those areas.

Elders’ Clubs and Senior Citizens’ Social Clubs were initiated to provide a better environment to the Elders Society. The Trilingual Centres established, provided high results and have become good language learning centres for all alike. The Province has shown remarkable achievement in the Education sector. Assistance was provided towards helping needy people in the Health and Education sectors through the Governor’s Trust Fund.

We made special arrangements and provided encouraging and assistance programmes for the students preparing for the public exams. As the Governor of Northern Province, I created a friendly and peaceful atmosphere for the people to come and meet me at anytime to address their grievances and instant solutions were provided to many to solve their grievances while exercising my authority only within the Constitutional limits provided to a Provincial Governor.While executing my job under pressure, at times, I had done justice to the people of this Province. I always understood the feelings of all communities in the province. I did my job to the best of my ability and gave the best to the people of Northern Province and you will be in my heart forever.I leave my office with the highest satisfaction of the job done and I wish the new Governor all the success in his future endeavours. Also I wish the people of the Northern Province a peaceful and bright future.”