Tamil Diplomat

Depression in Bay of Bengal – Cyclone alert issued

The depression positioned around 400 Kilometers, from Mullaitheevu, in Bay of Bengal is increasing in strength towards Cyclonic level, the Metrological Department has alerted. They have also issued a prior warning that, there is a possibility that in another 12 hours the depression will increase in strength to cyclone level and move in North western direction and reach the Jaffna Peninsula.

The Metrological Department also said that it is expected that the depression will move Tamil Nadu at mid night today. It is also forecasted that due to this depression, North, East and North Central Provinces will experience heavy showers till tomorrow.

Rains with strong winds will prevail in the sea areas, they said. Thunder storms may prevail in the seas off the shores from Mannar through Kankesanthurai through Trincomalee towards Batticaloa, the Department further said.