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Destroyed Buddha statue replaced by “Sinha Le” at Kanagarayankulam

The Buddhist extremist group “Sinha Le” (Blood of the Lion) which came to Kanagarayankulam yesterday had installed a Buddha Statue in place of the Statue damaged day before yesterday, said the area people.

Police said that the Buddha statue near the former STF camp was damaged completely by some unidentified persons on day before yesterday. It is in this context that, the Sinha Le group which came from Colombo had installed a new Buddha statue at the same spot.

After long discussions with Vavuniya and Kanagarayankulam STF and Police, Rathna nayaka Thero of the ” Sinha Le Jathika Bala Mulle” consecrated the statue and held worship there.

It is also notable this Sinha Le group appeared first in the north when it came to Vavuniya under the pretext of distributing material assistant to School children on 28th March this year and now they advanced up to Kanagarayankulam located close to Mullaitheevu.