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Differently abled persons 2151 in Mullithivu District

The statistic of the secretariat of Mullithivu district point out that there are 2151 differently- abled persons in the district. Due to war and natural accidents, there have been 2151 differently- abled persons in Mullathivu district, who lost their limbs.

According to the data, 480 in Karithuraiparu, 764 in Puthukudigirupu, 377 in Oddisudan, 188 in Manthai east, 267 in Dunukai and 75 in Velioya have lost their limbs. Most of them have been the leaders of the families.

Totally there have been 2151 differently abled persons in the divisional secretariats such as Karithuraiparu, Puthugudigirupu, Oddisudan, Dunukai, Manthai east and Velioya according to the statistics of the Mullaithivu District secretariat.