Monday 6 July 2020
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Disappointment in Interim Report , No way other than continuing the struggle : CM, Wigneswaran

Disappointment in Interim Report , No way other than continuing the struggle : CM, Wigneswaran

The interim report has given disappointment to Tamils. The report is one that is confirming the Sinhala-Buddhist Dominancy. The said report is insisting what we had rejected and fighting against for 70 years. Half baked solutions cannot be the medicine for an ailment. Hence this Interim Report has given compulsion to us to continue our struggle, said the NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was answering questions of media men as follows:

Q.: In a context where the Interim Report for the New Constitution has been published, it could be observed that wide spread dissatisfaction and opposition has been expressed from the Tamil faction. what is you stance on this?

A: I could not find time to read the report thoroughly. I would like to outline my comments. If a person is sick, first we must diagnose the sickness.  Then it should be studied as to how to cure the sickness. Then, we must proceed to treat the patient and attempt cure him.

My position is that we have not understood the sickness. My observation is that we are attempting to cure disease without understanding it.

In context where the Tamils had rejected unitary state and put forward demand for federal system, it gives much loathing, that an attempt is made in terminology to sustain unitary state. Rather than using the term ‘Eksath’ (united), using a term ‘Ekeeyarata’ (Unitary state) shows the guile of the drafters.It could be considered, that the demand of the Tamil people that, the self determination right of the Tamils be acknowledged and power be devolved to the merged North and East on a basis Federal system had been rejected outright in this Report.

Q: The TNA has insisted on the merger of the N&E and integration of Provinces of the united Sri Lanka as the had pledged in their Election Manifesto. What do you think of it?

If you lookat the English version of the submission of TNA, you will see they have curtailed into just one and a quarter page, all what the Tamils fought for, for the last 70 years. They have not stated firmly what they want. Compared to them The NPC and TPC have submitted comprehensive papers.

Q: Will you support this Interim Report?

A: Are you asking me support a disease that is going to continue. The Interim Report has given us the compulsion to continue our struggle.


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