Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Disaster at Mandaitheevu….6 students drowned, one on his Birthday

Disaster at Mandaitheevu….6 students drowned, one on his Birthday

Six students were drowned when a boat they were in was capsized near Mandaitheevu yesterday evening. They were celebrating birthday of two of them while the tragedy occurred.

18 students from Jaffna had gone to Mandaitheevu beach with  a plan to celebrating the birth days of two of them. Two of them o them had taken a boat anchored closer to shore and started a joy ride in it and five more jumped the boat to join their friends.

Some time later the boat unexpectedly capsized and while 6 were trapped under the boat one had swum to the shore and informed others, who with the help of the passers- by informed the  Navy.

Meanwhile the area people got into the search and rescued one fighting for his life and sent him to the hospital. Unfortunately he died at the hospital.

Navy also joined the search and the bodies of the students were found one by one but all of them were dead. The body of Jeyashanthy Thinesh, whose birthday was being celebrated was found after a long search.

Sinnathamby Nagaslojan(Aged 17) of Urumpirai, Jeyashanthy Thnesh(Aged 18) of Urumpirai, Linganathan Rajeevan(aged 19) of Urumpirai East, Thevakumar Thanusan(aged 20) of Sandilipay,Koneswaran Praveen (aged 20)and  Thanurathan ( aged 20) were the students  who were killed at sea.

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