Thursday 21 February 2019
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Discrimination in constructing anti-elephant fences in Vavuniya North

Discrimination in constructing anti-elephant fences in Vavuniya North

The Coordinating Committee meeting of the Vavuniya North division was held yesterday at the Divisional Secretariat Hall. The above matter was pointed out in this meeting.

All over the country, Anti- Elephant fences are being constructed around the whole villages but in Tamil areas the fences are constructed only around residents. Anti- elephant fences are constructed all around the Bogaswewa and other Sinhalese villages but not around livelihood providing lands of Tamil people. Because of this, Tamil people are being affected by this, said MPc, P.Sathiyalingam and went on to raise a question as why this discrimination is being shown to Tamil people.

No allocation has been made for anti-elephant fences. If it is necessary, materials for constructing the fence could be given through the Divisional Secretariat. It was decided  to take action to contact the relevant Ministry and to take action to construct the fences.

It was decided that the police should release the Irrigation Department buildings at Kanagarayankulam, used by them and the Development society building and land used as their play ground.

It was also decided that, as the land issue problems in Vavuniya District and Nedunkerny are not solved yet, if lands are to be granted, a decision should be taken by the Land usage Committee and the approval had to be obtained from the Provincial Ministry of Lands, before land is given to anybody.

Next matter of Forest Department demarcating as  Forest  Department lands to include people’s land also was taken up. It was decided that the Forest Department, Divisional Secretary and Survey Department should study this problem and the land which are confirmed to be lands of people should be released immediately.

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