Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Discussion at Jaffna University on the Interim Report of the New Constitution

Discussion at Jaffna University on the Interim Report of the New Constitution

The Educational discussion and Reporting on the Interim Report on the Draft of the New Constitution of the University Community will be held in the Kailasapathy Hall, tomorrow Wednesday at around 10a.m. The press release in connection to this discussion says as follows:

In the political history of Sri Lanka, a Draft for New Constitution has been published  and an Interim Report has been submitted to the Parliament with the consent of the parties. Several arguments and counter arguments, as well as opinions in favor and opposing the draft had been placed forward.

For a long time, the University community has been taking part in the armed struggle and non-violent struggle on behalf of justifiable politics of the Tamils and their aspirations. It is an accepted fact that, due the long armed struggle Tamils became a negotiating force. However, the just struggle of Tamils was brought to an end in 2009 May with the help of International countries.

Even though eight years have passed after the end of the war, the problems of the Tamils remain an unsolved long story. The University Community has the responsibility of making the Tamil people aware of the opinions relevant to Interim report on the draft of the New Constitution.

The University Community is concerned about making the know whether there are proposals in the draft which will satisfy the aspirations of the Tamil people. An environs where the real situation could be clarified to the Tamil people sans any political distractions.

We invite the University Community and the public to  participate in this discussion.

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