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Dissatisfaction over the Postponement of UN Report: NPC CM expresses it to UN Representative

The Chief Minister C.V.Wickneswaran, expressed the disappointment of the Tamil People and the Northern Provincial Council, over the deferral of the UN Report, to the UN Under Secretary General Jeffery Feltman. A group led by Feltman who visited Jaffna today, met the CM and had a discussion with him.

During this meeting at the residence of the CM, Feltman  showed much interest to make himself acquainted with the situation prevailing in the North and regarding the Genocide resolution , the CM had informed the media.

During this meeting the CM made Feltman aware of the disappointment of the Tamil people and the NPC over the deferral of the UN report.

In reply Feltman explained that only 2 months have passed after new Government was formed. Finding immediate solutions is impossible. Hence 6 months time was granted .However when the 29th UNHRC sessions are held in September, the report will be definitely tabled he assured. Beltman asked for the reason for adopting the Genocide resolution. In reply the CM said, ” We also  helped the formation of the Government. But after assuming the power, Tamil people were abandoned. The government which promised to evacuate the Army and resettle the people, had cheated us. The Genocide Resolution was adopted to express the heart .