Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Lands allocated in Tamils in ‘L’ Zone-Commissioner comes to study and take decision

Lands allocated in Tamils in ‘L’ Zone-Commissioner comes  to study and take decision

It has been announced that the Director General, Mahaweli Development Authority, Anura Dissayanayake, will make a visit  to Mulaitheevu to study about the alleged land grabbing of the lands of Tamil people and to take decision regarding the matter. He is expected on the 12th of this month.

The people of the Kokkilai East, Kokkilai West, Karunaaddukkerny, Kokkuthoduwai South and Kokkuthoduwai Centre Grama Officer  Divisions were given by the Mulaitheevu District Secretariat ‘Manavari’ lands at Erinchakaadu, Kunchukaalvely, and Vellaikallady and irrigable lands at Adakayaruththan,Thondakandakulam, Poomadukanndal, Untharayankulam, Aamaiyankulamand, Koomavadykanndal during the years of 1952 and 1980. People were displaced from this area due to the abnormal situation in 1984. The documents for the ownership also were lost during the displacement.

These areas were declared Mahaweli L Zone vide Govt. Gazette of 1988 April 15 and 2007 March 09. 614 acre of Manavari lands and 835 acre irrigable lands belonging to 164 families who resettled in Kokkilai area were declared Mahaweli  L Zone.This matter was taken the Parliament and the Minister of Lands then agreed to grant permits to owners of the 614 Manavari Lands. He also promised to discuss about and give a decision on the other 835 acre paddy lands.

However the permits for 164 for the 614 acre Manavari Lands have not been given to them as per circular No: 2013/01.835 acre belonging to the Tamil people had been distributed among the Sinhalese people who had been settled in this area. The Tamil people who owned 835 acre lands are  living under poverty line after losing their livelihood providing lands.Hence MP, Nirmalanathan had demanded that the permits for the 164 families and the 835 acre now remain distributed to Sinhala people should be given back to the Tamil.

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