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We are distressed seeing our houses demolished and lands overgrown with shrubs, say owners of released lands

We went away from Thaiyiddy with empty hands in 1990. Now our houses found demolished and lands overgrown with shrubs. We get a burning sensation when we see this state, said the owners of the lands released recently by the Army,who went to inspect their lands.

Some parts of Vali North have been released by the Army for the use by the people. Last Friday, people went to inspect their houses and lands. They said with much sorrow as above.

Confrontations intensified in this area in 1990. We went away with one lot our belongings and when we got back for the rest, Army has already penetrated into our area. After that we lived in several places and underwent severe difficulties. Now the Army has released our lands. We came here with all the hope of starting a new life but we found that our houses have been demolished. Lands are overgrown with bushes and trees, said one of people who came to see their lands, with much sorrow.