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DMDK members suspended from Tamil Nadu assembly

All the 21 DMDK members in the Tamil Nadu assembly were on Thursday suspended for the rest of the session after party floor leader Azhagapuram S Mohanraj made a remark against AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa.

Mohanraj’s remark against Jayalalithaa infuriated the AIADMK members. Speaker P Dhanapal announced his decision to expunge the remark and asked Mohanraj to leave the House.

This infuriated the DMDK members who tore papers and damaged a portion of the Speaker’s podium.

Meanwhile, the Speaker ordered eviction of the all DMDK members. The pandemonium continued as marshals evicted them en masse.

The Speaker referred the DMDK members’ action to the privileges committee of the assembly.

The Speaker said incident marked a historic low in the annals of the Tamil Nadu assembly.

“They tried to attack me, the Speaker. My podium was pushed and documents were damaged. The House witnessed it. I call upon the Leader of the House to suggest what kind of action should be initiated against them,” he said.

Terming the conduct of the DMDK members as a “murderous attack attempt,” Leader of the House Natham Viswanathan moved a resolution seeking their suspension for the rest of the current session.

Later, Mohanraj told the media that they had been evicted after he referred to Jayalalithaa as a “convicted chief minister.”

Meanwhile, special sub-inspector Vijayan lodged a complaint against DMDK MLAs CE Sekar and K Dinakaran alleging that they attacked him while they were being evicted from the assembly.

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