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DMK to sponsor resolution against NEP

Joining the growing opposition to the draft New Education Policy (NEP) unveiled by the Narendra Modi government, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam treasurer and Leader of the Opposition M.K. Stalin on Monday warned of large-scale protests and announced that his party would sponsor a resolution against the policy in the Assembly. “The ruling AIADMK must table the resolution,” he said.

Participating in a public meeting to protest the draft NEP organised the Dravidar Kazhagam here, Mr. Stalin said the failure of the Central government to take note of the opposition “might trigger protests similar to the ones Tamil Nadu saw in 1938, 1939 and 1965. The policy will strip the Backward Castes and the Dalits of their right to education and give Sanskrit priority over Tamil. It prescribes not failing a student only till V standard and caste-based occupation under the garb of improving the skills of the student.

He said the move was an attempt to privilege gurukul system, which would only pave way for ‘kula-kalvi thittam’ (communal vocation based scheme). “It tries to connect schools with ashrams. It tries to segregate those who do well in Maths, Science and English as fit for higher education and those who don’t do well as fit for only skill-based work,” he alleged.

Assailing the notion that India needed one education policy, he asked, “Why must States be forced to adopt one policy from Kashmir to Kanyakumari? Can we bring a law to enforce it? It is not possible to have one education policy throughout India, because it is a multi-lingual, multi-religious, multi-cultural country,” he said.

Condemning the BJP’s education policy for going against the basic tenets of social justice and secularism, he said the policy had been drawn up by retired IAS officers and one educationist who is an RSS ideologue.

“The committee has not taken inputs from educationists or the student community. They have also lied that they have taken opinions at the local panchayat and district level. This is against the pluralistic nature of India,” he said.

Indian Union Muslim League leaders and cadres participated in the protest.(THE HINDU,2016)